Country Clubs Are Overrated

Before we kick things off, let’s address the elephant in the room: it’s been a little while since I’ve written about a fire piece of jawnery. Trust me, of this I am aware. I’ve been putting a lot more attention into the op-ed’s and Now Playing pieces lately, which from what the data is telling me, you all seem to dig. I’ve also been a little hesitant to wax poetic on any one piece in particular because for the last few months (i.e. Winter) I’ve been adopting a much more monochrome, future dystopian look. You’ll remember this from the other year, but when the temps drop, it’s easiest to layer up in black drape-y pieces to stay warm and stay flourishing. However, now that we’re starting to feel a little more springtime around here, that’s changed.


I’m sure you all know about the importance of a nice pair of summer sneakers, usually of the canvas variety, often in the slip-on form. But did you know there’s a footwear alternative that says, “Yes, I’m here to turbo in this nice weather but I’m also planning to hit a private after party later tonight?” Feast thine eyes on the Chukka boot’s cooler college roommate, the Suede Chelsea Boot.


Full disclosure, these boots are absolute butter. If you’re not familiar with the menswear gawd Mark McNairy, chances are you’ve seen his work without knowing it. He’s got this sort of skate rat that’s infiltrated the country club vibe, which speaks to me on multiple levels as I was once a skateboarder and had never been (legitimately) invited to the country club. Outside of his own brand, McNairy recently launched New Republic which specializes in traditional mens dress shoes at a much more reasonable price point. These suede Chelsea’s were one of the first models introduced, and after selling out immediately, they’re finally back in stock.


Constructed with an ultra luxe suede upper and a leather interior, these boots keep the casual vibe with a slick crepe sole. To be honest, they look a hell of a lot like another prodigious footwear brand’s model (*cough* Common Projects *cough*).



Pair these with your favorite broken-in denim or go full arthouse chic with some slim black jeans. Either way, they’re comfortable as hell and look great. Just make sure to throw some weather protectant on them before you step out. Suede can get ruined with just a hint of water, so if you really want to test yourself, wear these to a pier or boardwalk and live your most dangerous life.

Photo Credit: Bryan McVey


Coat // Club Monaco
Shirt // Uniqlo
Tee // FOG
Denim // MNML
Shoes // New Republic by Mark McNairy
Location // Chicago Riverwalk

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