Houseplants and Their Effect on Proving You’re An Adult Now

So you've finally started to design your apartment like an adult and not a college freshman? Great! Let's talk about adding some living elements to your home.

I never had a tree house growing up. That was no one’s fault; my first backyard was huge and rolling but also treeless. Our second backyard did have trees, but more of the palm variety. I did know a spoiled kid who lived down the street and had one of those fully furnished clubhouses that were custom-made, but there was something about being inside it that felt weird, like you were inside a prop for a lame movie. Also, that kid sucked and never shared any of his shit. Even then, I always thought it was cool to have a place outside of your bedroom. It’d be this place that was totally your own, and you could put whatever you wanted in it, and no one had any grounds to say, “No.”


Fast forward twenty years and I still believe a lot can be said about the space we surround ourselves in. Over the last few months, I’ve taken a step back and thought about what kind of home I want to live in (or in my case, what kind of apartment). As much as it’s been rad to develop my own interior aesthetic, one of the latest things I’ve gotten into is the care and growth of — you guessed it — houseplants.

Have you heard about houseplants, fam? I mean besides the fact that they add a bit of life to an otherwise sterile environment. I went ahead and invested in some 4-foot majesty palms, mainly because I read (i.e. I was told by multiple sources smarter than I) that these plants were perfect for a smaller, indoor habitat. They also purify the air around them, so when it gets to be winter and I’m blasting heat and dust out of my ceiling vents, this guy will help keep things clean. Starting to seem like more and more of a smart purchase right?

The other major praise for the majesty is that I really like how they look. I like the long leaves and fronds, and how they longer they grow, the more they reach upward. My place is slowly starting to come together thanks to a new sofa and some other upgraded furniture purchases. I tend to lean on things that are white, charcoal, or grey, because I always wanted to live in a big, white box. But having the lambent blast of green in the corner of my living room really shakes up the color theme, which I’m into.

“For everyone who says, ‘I can’t have plants, they always die on me,’ I say, ‘Bullshit.'”

I also really like that I have to actually take care of the majesty. Like some loyal servant, I’ve gotta give this thing my attention. It needs to be watered. Daily. It needs to be pruned once a month. It also may need to be re-potted sometime in the future, when the roots start sprouting through the topsoil. I dig the responsibility because I’m so self-reliant that I don’t have a ton of experience caring for other things. I’ve yet to own a pet that’s not a shared endeavor, and I have zero desire to be a dude that owns a bird, cat, or other small varmint. Building a collection of visually-pleasing flora might be my next wave.

The headline here is that for everyone who says, “I can’t have plants, they always die on me,” I say, “Bullshit. You’re just buying the wrong ones.” Do some research and look up houseplants that are most suitable for you, your lifestyle, and your living space. I guarantee that you’ll find an option that’s not only practical but looks good, too. It’s never a bad thing to have visitors who quietly notice your attention to detail and commitment to incorporating living elements into your living space. Just get out there and flourish.