Now Playing // Brand New – “Can’t Get It Out”

This is a very unprecedented occasion. It’s 2017, and I’m actually writing about Brand New and the album they dropped out of nowhere a few days ago. Pitchfork has already named them best new track / best new music, and industry insiders have been whispering that things are looking good for the new record, Science Fiction, to debut in the top slot on the Billboard charts. What a time to be alive, fam.

I could write about this band for at least 1,000 words, but since this is a Now Playing feature and not an op-ed piece (although, maybe there’s something worth looking into there…), I’ll keep it brief. “Can’t Get It Out” is the closest thing to a single on the album. It’s slow and fast, and juxtaposes the sad and the happy in a way that we’ve most come to expect from the band. Jesse Lacey has finally realized he’s an adult man, and apparently he’s cool with that as evidenced in lines like, “My shins burn for the replica youth // I hope we can eject soon.” The chorus is straightforward but has this nice amount of southern twang that I’m way into, like we’re at an emo show in a Texas whiskey bar. “I’ve got a positive message // Sometimes I can’t get it out” is some real shit and I’ll be screaming it loudly in my head on the train ride home for the next seven weeks.

Science Fiction is currently out now and available everywhere. Check out “Can’t Get It Out” and our previous favorite tracks in the playlist below.