Now Playing // Majid Jordan – “Phases”

My general vibe tends to switch and flip week over week, which makes it hard to predict what wave I’ll be on. Maybe that’s an observation on the reckless spontaneity of my tastes and general disposition, but who cares. If you’re not constantly changing yourself, you’re probably complacent as hell and uninteresting AF. Luckily, I came across synth R&B mastheads Majid Jordan and one of their latest singles, “Phases,” which kinda-sorta-absolutely nails the scenario I’m lamenting about. The track itself if very minimal, but it hits a nice bass synth/drum machine scene that’s always been close to my heart. Right before the chorus hits, MJ serves up an existential knowledge dart: “I keep going through different phases // I stay going through different phases.”

Yeaaah, boys. Me too. Samewave.