Now Playing // ODESZA – “A Moment Apart”

I miss having a car. When I moved to the city, I left it behind because I was going all-in on the idea of being Big City Kev, and that meant learning to love the CTA. I acclimated fast, but I still wish I had the means to cruise these streets with a fire soundtrack, something that feels cinematic and visceral like I was a part of that montage in the movie where the hero gets his shit together.

ODESZA have been #outhere for a minute crafting electronic anthems that a lot of more talented writers are calling chillstep or chilltrap. Both of those sound stupid, but the title track and lead single from the duo’s new album A Moment Apart is anything but stupid. It doesn’t hurt that the song sounds a little like my favorite Animal Collective jam, but more than that, “A Moment Apart” treads familiar ground while keeping a build that resolves nicely. Strings swell as the bass turns up and there’s plenty of the reverb piano to help back an almost indecipherable vocal track. To be honest, when everything comes together sounding this good, it doesn’t really matter what the lyrics are.

A Moment Apart is currently out now and available everywhere. Check out “A Moment Apart” and our other favorite tracks from this year in the playlist below.