Now Playing // SLEIGH BELLS – “And Saints”

I love left turns. Actually, I should put some context behind that. I love it when an artist makes a left turn creatively. A lot of times, this is a pretty controversial move. If we’re talking specifically about music (which in this case, we are), shifts like these are divisive among the fans. But from a creative perspective, I get it. You want to grow and try new things and push yourself. No one wants to rewrite the same song or album over and over again, so godspeed if you want to change things up a bit. Sometimes the surprise is the payoff.

After getting a little into the experimental R&B realm on last year’s full length Jessica Rabbit, Sleigh Bells were kind enough to drop a follow-up EP this month titled Kid Kruschev. The seven tracks are… different. There’s still heavy drop-D guitar slams that the duo is known for, but there’s also a ton of layered synth and reverb. “And Saints” is the most recent single, and it’s all just a low-key keyboard track and then the vocal melody. “I swear / I’m the shell of a man // And you said / ‘Nah, you’re a hell of a man'” makes the chorus, which if I’m being frank makes me feel some type of way. If this is the direction where the band is headed, I’m on board.

Kid Kruschev is currently out now and available everywhere. Check out “And Saints” and our other favorite tracks from this year in the playlist below.