Now Playing // SUN ORGAN – “Holding Hands”

Do you guys watch Epicly Later’d? VICELAND picked up the internet skateboard documentary series and has been airing new weekly episodes for last two months or so. I dig it because there was a time when I was pretty into the skate scene, even though I was god awful. But I remember watching the new team videos every time they dropped (shoutout to the opening montage of Fully Flared). Later’d is cool because it profiles all the guys that I remember back then. BUT, the coolest takeaway thus far has been a band I tripped over during one of the show’s earlier commercial promos.

SUN ORGAN are weird. They’re a bunch of Philly guys that make wandering, lo-fi garage fuzz that somehow, against all odds, seems to transcend beyond just lo-fi garage fuzz. “Holding Hands” is the track from the commercial I mention above, which is also a cut from the band’s latest album People in the Distance in the Dark. The song teeters between a melancholic drudge and a preschool lullaby, but when mashed together gives this v. cool early-morning-in-a-coastal-city vibe. This is something I can see myself playing on repeat as I kick-push my way to the beach, only with a lot less instances of me eating concrete. Still, totally worth it.

People in the Distance in the Dark is currently out now and available everywhere. Check out “Holding Hands” and our other favorite tracks from this year in the playlist below.