Now Playing // The War on Drugs – “Up All Night”

This past weekend, I spent Labor Day over in Colorado for a friend’s wedding. I’d been to the mountains a few times before, and I always dig going back because I like the juxtaposition between what’s out there and my life here in the city. There’s something about the comparison that speaks to me. I was also really excited to give some proper attention to The War on Drugs‘ latest album A Deeper Understanding.

On Sunday morning, we woke up early and drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park with this as our soundtrack, and I gotta tell you, it was f*cking awesome. First of all, nature is rad as hell already, but then you’ve got this band putting together an entire album of super-chill guitar anthems that makes the whole experience that much better. Album opener “Up All Night” is a standout because it really sets the tone for the whole record. The vocals remind me of Dylan a bit, but then the guitar work is a bit closer to Tame Impala. These are coupled with a tiny little drum machine beat before some yacht rock keyboards fill everything out. I’ve gonna have a really hard time hearing the words “Colorado” or “mountains” without thinking of this song, and to be honest I’m completely okay with that.

A Deeper Understanding is currently out now and available everywhere. Check out “Up All Night” and our previous favorite tracks in the playlist below.