Tailored Selects // Nautica FW17 Heritage Collection

Nautica would like your autumn to be v. bold and we're totally okay with that.

Terminator 2. Aliens. The Dark Knight. 2 Fast 2 Furious. Who says sequels can’t be better than the originals? In the follow-up to our first feature, we’re psyched to partner with our friends at Nautica again to help bring some love and attention to their new FW17 Heritage Collection. This time around, the brand is leaning heavy on big and bold logos, while still revisiting and revamping Nautica’s core garment staples.

Our inspiration for these looks was pretty simple: skate kids who snuck into the sailing club. Here at TTV, our aesthetic draws a little more from the traditional streetwear scene. But when we couple that with a classic American brand that bleeds in repp stripes and cotton pique jawnery, we get two great tastes that taste great together.

We wanted to showcase our favorite pieces from this collection, so we selected bold rugby shirts and color-blocked hats and then offset them with classic knitwear. One of my favorite things about all three of the sweatshirts is that even though the logos are visible and at the forefront, they don’t feel like they’re swallowing each of us. We don’t look like billboards, even though I guess we sort of are in a way. I think this plays well into the large graphic prints we’re starting to see more and more of on the runway and in retail.

As we (begrudgingly) head into the cooler months of the year, layering becomes key. Even though each individual item here looks totally fire on its own, this is a team effort and when everything comes together I think it really shines. Shouts to Nautica for keeping the flourish and for continuing to be our friends even though we never actually accept the Uber split fare.










Photo Credit: Bryan McVey


Slim Fit Heritage Chest Logo Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
Zip Front Sailboat Hoodie
Reversible Printed Bucket Hat


J Class Sweatshirt
Colorblock J Class Hat


Slim Fit Heritage Logo Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
Zip Front Hoodie
Heritage Cap