Tailored Selects // Nautica Hooded Colorblock Logo Jacket

The team takes a closer look at Nautica's Heritage Collection, featuring the Hooded Colorblock Logo Jacket. Warning: Your gf will most likely borrow this without asking.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a solid lightweight jacket. This should surprise no one as I think over half of my posts on this site for the last few years have featured a garment that’s somewhere within that same genus of jawn. I like layers, even when it’s not cold out. I also like pockets, so a jacket that has extra pockets ups my storage capability for everyday carry items almost threefold. Now that the weather’s starting to break, I’ve had to pack up all the heavier top coats to make room for the lighter fare. In short, it’s a very exciting time to be alive (specifically for me).

Recently, we teamed up with the fine folks at Nautica to help promote the Heritage Collection, which features a ton of nautical classics with a few updated twists. I’ve gotta give Nautica some credit here because they’re really making an effort to change up their perception. Traditionally, I think we as a collective know them most for polos and sweaters that you can find at Nordstrom. But since then, Nautica has been revisiting a lot of their archived athletic pieces from the 90s and bringing them back into the fold. As athleisure is waning in its popularity from a few years ago, there’s been a strong interest in activewear that’s more nostalgic, more bold than what we’re used to. And I’m all for it. Nautica even got Lil Yachty to co-sign this new shift, which is great given his appeal to Cool Teens™ across the country.

Of all the pieces we saw, we gravitated toward the Hooded Colorblock Logo Jacket. A polyester and nylon construction gives this jacket its lightweight feel and added durability, and the two snap-closed front pockets make sure that I won’t lose my headphones or my receipt from the corner convenience store after I forgot to buy limes. This feels more like a rain shell than anything, which makes perfect sense given the extended zip hood and side drawstrings to cinch the body a bit at the waist. You might not know this, but I sail a lot during the summer, and I’ve got a feeling this is going to be my go-to layer for those night sails when it gets a bit chilly off the dock.

The nice thing about jackets like these is that they’re pretty gender-neutral, so I brought our resident editor Alice along for the shoot to show that these work really well for yourself or for a girlfriend that constantly borrows your clothes without asking. The Heritage Collection is available in stores and online now, so check out the latest and make sure you flourish this summer.












Photo Credit: Bryan McVey