Joe Anhalt
Born and raised in Central Illinois, Joe used to wake up five minutes before school began, rolled into class with baggy sweatpants, and had mop on his head. Since that time he has developed a tasteful eye for menswear, design, and most recently the furniture industry (Interior Define). When Joe is not mesnwearing he enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and YouTube-ing funny videos.


Kevin Tansey
Born in the Keystone but raised in the Sunshine, this young (noun) sought refuge in the Windy City to escape the overbearing clutches of #strugglewear. Under the tutelage of his newfound menswear comrades, Kevin quietly and exhaustively forged his own style and taste, and soon his efforts earned him a title as one of Chicago’s Best Dressed. He enjoys spending Sunday mornings at the cinema, listening to chillwave, and hates that arcades aren’t really a thing anymore.


Brian McVey
Born in the suburban backyard of Chicago, but schooled in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia, Bryan has been on the precipice of balancing functional outdoor wear with a more refined urban look.  With a background in endurance and outdoor sports, mechanical design engineering as well as a mostly self taught photographer, Bryan brings a diverse yet unique quality to the images he creates in the fashion and menswear space.  With a growing artistic knowledge and eye, it allows him to incorporate visual details beyond a normal commercial aesthetic.


Alice Levine
Alice Levine
Born in Highland Park and raised in La Crosse Wisconsin, Alice has witnessed a myriad of fashion…choices. Suffering from Perpetually Cold syndrome, her style attempts to bridge the gap between fashionable and functional. Preferring to be behind the lens rather than in front, Alice joins the TTV team as a frequent photographer.  She embraces the “method form” of photography and is known to even try on her subjects clothes prior to the shoot. Going so far as even wearing them for a day to truly understand the look and feel of them. She also eats a lot of donuts.