The Tailored Weekend // vol. 015

Welcome to the fifteenth volume of The Tailored Weekend. Per usual, take a moment to check out some of the web’s finest offerings this week. Like it? Great. Invite others to join The Tailored View by sharing this page.

1. Buy // 9 Record Album Storage Options for Vinyl via Vinyl Me, Please

2. Look // The story behind the new Milwaukee Bucks logo via GQ

3. Watch // New Star Wars 7 teaser trailer via ScreenRant

4. Laugh // Bill Murray as a lounge singer singing Star Wars theme via VideoSift

5. Kanye // Named one of the most influential people in 2015 via TIME

6. Learn  // The history of GQ’s “Best New Menswear” via FourPins

7. Listen // Sunday Candy via Chance the Rapper & the Social Experiment

8. Read // The best interview Mark Cuban has had in a while via BlogMavrick

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P.S. Shouts to Death to the Stock Photo on the featured image.